Sayer’s Sister: worth eating out Breeders of Alexandria Menulog: Rocketboy Pizza – A Damp Squib The Fern: Trees & Gulleys Bondi Picnic: Blanket Coverage Opera Cantina
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Sayer’s Sister: worth eating out

Venue:Sayer’s Sister Date: 29 December 2013 Location: Northbridge, Perth Price: Moderate ($19ish-$20 for dish & coffee) Today’s brunch safari took us to the wilds of Northbridge/Highgate in Perth, destination: Sayer’s Sister. At first blush I read Slayer’s Sister, thinking we’d be heading to a Vic Park weed den to live out the bikie gang fantasies […]


Breeders of Alexandria

Venue: The Grounds of Alexandria Date: Regularly  Location: Alexandria, Sydney Price: $13 chicken burger, $4 coffee x 2 Let me commence oration by stating clearly that the Grounds of Alexandria is without doubt one of my favourite hives in Sydney, a true fleur du merde. So much so that it hardly needs another serving of […]

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Menulog: Rocketboy Pizza – A Damp Squib

Venue: Rocket Boy Pizza (Newtown) Date: 08 June 2014 Location: Sydney, Inner-West Latte Belt Price: Pricey for the quality – $40 two allegedly (but not really) gourmet pizzas I was getting ready to catch-up on this week’s lap-dance of political intrigue via the ABC’s Insiders on Sunday night. All this talk of Clive Palmer and hoary budgets was getting […]


The Fern: Trees & Gulleys

Venue: The Fern Date: Mid-February Location: Redfern, Sydney Price: Will you accept these world-music Bitcoins I found at a Lucky Oceans concert? We’ve been slowly mapping Redfern and Chippendale’s cafes of late. In true Joseph Banks’ style, it’s been a hoary romp through the underwhelming laneways of the southern inner-west collecting samples and preserving them in […]


Bondi Picnic: Blanket Coverage

Venue: Bondi Picnic Date: 4 February 2014 Location: Bondi by chance? Price: Saving money is for other suburbs Monday is the start of le weekend for Paige, being one of the exploited many in Sydney’s cut-throat and behind the times retail fashion scene. The inner-west has been smothering us of late, thus a bronchial-cleansing venture to the body-beautiful tannery […]


Opera Cantina

Venue: Cantina Mobil Date: 2 February 2014 Location: Opera In The Domain, Sydney Price: $10 The date was 2 Feb. The occasion was high-brow: opera in the park at Sydney’s Domain. I’d rambled home in a pickled state the night before after attending of all things “Buzzfeed’s” (yes, the cat list mafia) launch in Australia. I’m suffering list fatigue […]


Welcome to The Famished Inquisition

  Come, Ye, and be judged-mental! Welcome to The Famished Inquisition, a not-so-jaundiced, ok mildly jaundiced, take on consumption and its habitual fanfare. In short, this is a post-structuralist take on demographic analysis that scantily passes itself as high-brow commentary on eateries and drinkeries across the land, mainly in Sydney. The land in this case being Australia until […]


Guzman y Gomez: crossing the borderline

Venue: Guzman y Gomez (Canberra) Date: 21 January 2014 Location: Canberra CBD Price: Can I get this laundered? Around $13 I’d been on a fatogram plan recently due to comfort eating – my therapist’s couch a big comfy loaf of banana bread. I’m also time poor with a conformal field theory assignment breathing its halitosis […]

Coffee Roasters

Two-Before-Ten: only if you’re Russell Brand

  Venue: Two-Before-Ten (Coffee Boasters) Date: 16-17 January 2014, mornings Location: Marcus Clarke Street, Braddon, Canberra Price: $4.00…why is soy 50 cents extra again? Much like the rest of Australia, Canberra has been going through a heat-wave generated by the hot-air bellowing from the pot bellied-mouths of such fated illuminati as Alan Jones, Nick Minchin, Lord Lawson, […]


Koko Black: turn that brown upside down

Venue: Koko Black (Canberra) Date: 12 January 2014, morning Location: Canberra Centre, Braddon, Canberra (duh!) Price: Moderate coffee, daylight robbery chocolate Chocolate for breakfast is a well-rehearsed play by boyfriends everywhere in search of emotional piggy-bank credits with their other halves. And where better to lock sanguine stares and gain handsome returns than Koko Black, the fancy Australian chocolatier. No doubt […]

KFC anyone?

Coffee: Harvest – A Good Crop

Venue: Harvest (Canberra) Date: 14 January 2014 Location: Marcus Clarke St, Braddon, Canberra Coffee Price: $4.00-$4.50 It’s week 2 of the AMSI Summer School and already I’ve jettisoned my differential geometry classes as my mental real estate is taken up by all that squiggly shite on the board, also known as string theory. Rather than go […]