Sayer’s Sister: worth eating out Movie Review: Interstellar – Journey into a 5-Dimensional Library The Beggar Project Breeders of Alexandria Menulog: Rocketboy Pizza – A Damp Squib The Fern: Trees & Gulleys
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Sayer’s Sister: worth eating out

Venue:Sayer’s Sister Date: 29 December 2013 Location: Northbridge, Perth Price: Moderate ($19ish-$20 for dish & coffee) Today’s brunch safari took us to the wilds of Northbridge/Highgate in Perth, destination: Sayer’s Sister. At first blush I read Slayer’s Sister, thinking we’d be heading to a Vic Park weed den to live out the bikie gang fantasies […]


Movie Review: Interstellar – Journey into a 5-Dimensional Library

  Movie Review: Interstellar It was mission accomplished, George W. Bush-style. Humanity had finally conquered its ultimate barrier, interstellar distance. No longer would we be tethered like a fat kid in swimming lessons, onward and upward! Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s new epic blockbuster about humankind’s journey to the stars, had arrived. As I suspect was the […]

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The Beggar Project

Venue: The Burger Project Date: November 2014 Location: Shanghai…I mean World Square, Sydney Price: $26ish (2 x Burgers, 2 x Chips) Rockpool – They’re a Band, Right? Rockpool. Meets. Burgers. Well, not really, but Sydney’s burger-hernia recently blossomed a new addition “The Burger Project” by (cue 3rd-tier celebrity chef drumroll), Neil Perry of Rockpool fame. Neil Perry is probably as […]


Breeders of Alexandria

Venue: The Grounds of Alexandria Date: Regularly  Location: Alexandria, Sydney Price: $13 chicken burger, $4 coffee x 2 Let me commence oration by stating clearly that the Grounds of Alexandria is without doubt one of my favourite hives in Sydney, a true fleur du merde. So much so that it hardly needs another serving of […]

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Menulog: Rocketboy Pizza – A Damp Squib

Venue: Rocket Boy Pizza (Newtown) Date: 08 June 2014 Location: Sydney, Inner-West Latte Belt Price: Pricey for the quality – $40 two allegedly (but not really) gourmet pizzas I was getting ready to catch-up on this week’s lap-dance of political intrigue via the ABC’s Insiders on Sunday night. All this talk of Clive Palmer and hoary budgets was getting […]


The Fern: Trees & Gulleys

Venue: The Fern Date: Mid-February Location: Redfern, Sydney Price: Will you accept these world-music Bitcoins I found at a Lucky Oceans concert? We’ve been slowly mapping Redfern and Chippendale’s cafes of late. In true Joseph Banks’ style, it’s been a hoary romp through the underwhelming laneways of the southern inner-west collecting samples and preserving them in […]


Bondi Picnic: Blanket Coverage

Venue: Bondi Picnic Date: 4 February 2014 Location: Bondi by chance? Price: Saving money is for other suburbs Monday is the start of le weekend for Paige, being one of the exploited many in Sydney’s cut-throat and behind the times retail fashion scene. The inner-west has been smothering us of late, thus a bronchial-cleansing venture to the body-beautiful tannery […]


Opera Cantina

Venue: Cantina Mobil Date: 2 February 2014 Location: Opera In The Domain, Sydney Price: $10 The date was 2 Feb. The occasion was high-brow: opera in the park at Sydney’s Domain. I’d rambled home in a pickled state the night before after attending of all things “Buzzfeed’s” (yes, the cat list mafia) launch in Australia. I’m suffering list fatigue […]


Welcome to The Famished Inquisition

  Come, Ye, and be judged-mental! Welcome to The Famished Inquisition, a not-so-jaundiced, ok mildly jaundiced, take on consumption and its habitual fanfare. In short, this is a post-structuralist take on demographic analysis that scantily passes itself as high-brow commentary on eateries and drinkeries across the land, mainly in Sydney. The land in this case being Australia until […]


Guzman y Gomez: crossing the borderline

Venue: Guzman y Gomez (Canberra) Date: 21 January 2014 Location: Canberra CBD Price: Can I get this laundered? Around $13 I’d been on a fatogram plan recently due to comfort eating – my therapist’s couch a big comfy loaf of banana bread. I’m also time poor with a conformal field theory assignment breathing its halitosis […]

Coffee Roasters

Two-Before-Ten: only if you’re Russell Brand

  Venue: Two-Before-Ten (Coffee Boasters) Date: 16-17 January 2014, mornings Location: Marcus Clarke Street, Braddon, Canberra Price: $4.00…why is soy 50 cents extra again? Much like the rest of Australia, Canberra has been going through a heat-wave generated by the hot-air bellowing from the pot bellied-mouths of such fated illuminati as Alan Jones, Nick Minchin, Lord Lawson, […]